GECO – Glow Emitting Crystal Optics

How about your existing lights providing soft diminishing light even when they are off?

How good are your lights when they are off?

Can you see in the dark when your lights go out?

Geco provides bridging light between bright light and absolute darkness every time the lights go out, FOR FREE !!!!!!

GECO is a world first, in a whole new class and creates a unique lighting experience as never seen before.

In a new world with a continued struggle for sustainable energy sources and ever increasing cost of electricity, Geco lighting is the answer. Geco light gives a soft diminishing glow when the power is off without the need of batteries or electricity.

Geco absorbs light from either the sun or from a led globe when switched on, to charge its revolutionary glow. Initially the glow is bright enough to see in the dark and as the glow slowly diminishes the light becomes more of a reference point or beacon in the dark and this soft glow continues for a few hours. The revolutionary glow has been incorporated into both our Geco LED Lights and Geco LED Accessories, especially the new Geco Glow Rings.

Not only is Geco light perfect for use as alternative to your normal globes in the house, but also serves great as children’s night light, emergency light in power failures and beautiful decorative lighting. As much as our products are renowned for its ability to glow, we do have non glow options available in both our LED’s and downlight holders.

Our revolutionary product brings a whole new meaning to going green. At Geco light, going green is not just another’s a passion!

Again I ask you, how good are your lights when they are off?

View the geco effect here without electricity

Click here to see Geco Glow

Click here to see Geco Glow

Click here to see Geco Glow